Our team

Anvar Batalov CEO and Co Founder
Originally from Kazakhstan has two degrees in Food Marketing and Hospitality Management.

Co-Founder of BringIt ltd in London. Worked for one of the biggest FMCG company in Kazakhstan.

“When doing my degree in Barcelona I had no time to cook every day and sometimes it was difficult to find healthy restaurant, so me and my partner decided to create such a service that would help busy people stay healthy as well as enjoy delicious food. We’ve been lucky to organize professional team of people who have passion for food and healthy lifestyle.“
Mahmoud Hagrass COO and Co Founder
Degree in sports mangment and a certificate for sports performance and nutrition.

“For several years now I have had a very big passion for fitness but nutrition specifically has always fascinated me. I became extremely obsessed with knowing what exactly do we put in our body and how does it affect us both physically and mentally. Therefore after sufficient time of interest I went ahead and received my level 1 ISSA nutrition certification. Now it has always been a dream of mine to provide people with top quality food that is extremely healthy and calculated but still tastes amazing while still being affordable. That’s when me and my partner realized that most people today don’t have sufficient information on nutrition to know that one can reach his goal whatever it may be while still enjoying delicious food. That is why Sana Vida is ideal for anyone whether fitness motivated or not”
Bernardo Gonzales Chef
Bernardo was born in the city of Merida - Venezuela, he devoted part of his life to arquitecture but he found his true calling kitchen, starting as an amateur CHEF he decided to engage in gastronomic studies in the prestigious Ibero - American Institute of recreation, tourism and cuisine in Margarita Island, Venezuela where he obtained his title as a Chef in International Cuisine.

His dreams to keep growing in the world of Gastronomy, led him to travel across the globe to Barcelona, Spain. Where he obtained his Master in Management Kitchen and Culinary Arts School in the University of Hotel and Tourism San Pol de Mar, which gave him the great opportunity to complete his academic studies in Bulli Lab’s working alongside the renowned chef Ferran Adrià, in which much of knowledge and experience he acquired on Gastronomy opened him to new sense and vision. His new challenge is now behind the Kitchen of Sana Vida, as leading chef where he hopes to bring his guest a different experience.
Andres Gonzales Salas Su-chef
Andres is a venezuelan cook and experienced in different areas high volume restaurants, passionate for perfection and pastry also enjoys the challenge of cooking healthy life challenge to assume and to transform the kitchen and traditional bakery in food healthy young and a strict control dietetico.